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The "Miracle Workbook" That Saved My Life & Thousands More...

My PTSD almost killed me. About 8 years ago, I lost control and I found myself in the worst moment of my life….

I was having flashbacks all day, nightmares all night, physically beating myself up, and destroyed the relationship with the love of my life all because of PTSD.  

I wanted to end my life…

The only reason why I kept going was because of my dream of, one day, having a happy family. With the thought of my family firmly in my mind I remember thinking…

“I am going to heal, or die trying

Over the next two years I spent every waking moment working on healing myself. Every night I’d took notes on what was working, what wasn’t, and new ideas for healing.

Through the struggle I found a path that worked.

In just two years after hitting rock bottom, I fully healed, and was enjoying my life for the first time. I was finally happy and at peace.

I eventually took my massive pile of journals and notes and turned them into worksheets, tools, guides, and cheat sheets. I then put it in one cohesive workbook.

An exact step-by-step process to fully recover from trauma.

It seemed like every copy of the workbook resulted in someone saying it had saved their life and relationships, and ended the cycles of abuse, anger, depression, and addiction they were living in and helped them grow and flourish and be happy and get their dream job and all sorts of amazing things far beyond what I even thought it could do.

And this workbook that helped thousands people break free from their past? Is the book I want to give to you right now… The Transfiguration Workbook.

Today, I Want To Give You This Massive 400 Page Recovery Workbook For FREE.

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Heal PTSD In 12 Months Or Less Guaranteed

There are 4 things you consistently need to fully recover: Coaching, Community, Accountability, and the right Content.

Every month inside Recovery Secrets you'll be personally coached and trained by me and our coaches. We'll teach you advanced mindset, healing, and processing techniques so you can fully and permanently heal PTSD and past trauma.

Every Month You'll Get:

  • Powerful tools to relieve and process your trauma
  • Daily accountability calls to keep you motivated and on track
  • ​​Access to our exclusive private community
  • ​​Weekly small peer support groups between 5-7 people
  • ​​Access to our members only podcast
  • ​​​And much, MUCH more!

FREE Gift #1 ($127 Value)

The Angry Outburst Survival Guide

This Guide makes it simple to stop fighting, lashing out, and getting angry at your loved ones. So you can feel safe, calm, and confident in all relationships. After this you'll never "fly off the handle" or have another crazy fight ever again!

FREE Gift #2 ($297 Value)

Beating Betrayal & Abandonment Masterclass

This Masterclass helps you to heal from betrayal and abandonment trauma. Finally you'll feel safe in your own skin and build healthy and connected relationships. After this you won't be scared about getting hurt in relationships again.

FREE Gift #3 ($97 Value)

Anxiety Melting Masterclass

This Masterclass holds the key to melting away anxiety on demand. Whether you're at home or in the middle of a crowded room, you'll be able to handle even the most crippling anxiety. After this you'll face life with a confident and fearless attitude.

FREE Gift #4 ($147 Value)

5 Tools To Master Depression

This training reveals the secrets on how to instantly get yourself from a depressed state to a focused, determined, and driven state. You'll start living your life again, instead of just watching it float by. After this you'll wake up ready to take on the day, everyday.

FREE Gift #5 ($197 Value)

The Secrets to Healing Toxic Shame

This masterclass holds the key to healing deep and debilitating shame. You'll finally be able to come to peace with yourself and your past mistakes. After this you'll actually see that you're a person worthy of care, kindness, and love.

FREE Gift #6 ($97 Value)

The Social Anxiety Solution

This program shows the secret behind building confidence in social situations. So you can feel comfortable going to any social event, never wonder what to say, and never worry about what people think of you ever again. After this you'll be able to face every social situation with courage and confidence.

What Other Trauma Survivors Are Saying...

When You Subscribe To The Recovery Secrets Membership, You'll Also Get A FREE Recovery Package With 2 Physical Hardbound Workbooks - A $9,496 Value FOR FREE!

PLUS You'll Get Over $9,496

Worth Of Workbooks, Masterclasses, and Tools For FREE (Just For Saying 'Maybe'!)

All You Have To Do Is Say, "MAYBE" And The Gift Is Yours... For FREE!


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90 Day Physical
Unbreakable Planner:

($47 Value)

You also get a physical hardbound copy of our 90 Day Planner! This is a daily bedside planner to help keep you on track and motivated towards achieving your recovery and personal goals.

From day 1 you'll feel a deeper sense of purpose, gratitude, love, and healing... But use it for a full 90 days? You'll transform into a completely different person.

Big changes come from small daily actions, take this planner and change your life.


Felix, The Unbreaka-Bear!

Priceless :)

Do you feel alone? Or like you have no support? This is how most trauma survivors feel. 

Once you join our community you will never be alone again, and Felix our "Unbreaka-Bear" will remind you everyday that there's someone out there who cares about you!

And he's super cute, right?!


"Day With Kay"

LIVE In-Person Event

($8,000 Value)

You also get a FREE ticket to our Members Only "Day With Kay" LIVE event!

Get an immersive, deep dive experience with me personally as I share my newest discoveries and most powerful healing techniques.

Best of all? It's 3 events in 1!

I'll take you through the journey of mastering your recovery mindset, crafting unbreakable routines, and processing past trauma all in a single day!

This event is not open to the public, the only way you can attend is if you sign up on this page and become members of our Recovery Secrets Membership.

But there are limited spots to this event and seats come on a first come first serve basis. So you have to claim your seat or we'll have to give it to someone else...and you don't want that right?

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  • The Angry Outburst Survival Guide...................................................($127 Value)
  • ​Beating Betrayal & Abandonment Masterclass.............................($297 Value)
  • ​Anxiety Melting Masterclass................................................................($97 Value)
  • ​​5 Tools To Master Depression..............................................................($147 Value)
  • ​The Secrets to Healing Toxic Shame..................................................($197 Value)
  • ​​The Social Anxiety Solution..................................................................($97 Value)
  • The Angry Outburst Survival Guide
    ($127 Value)
  • ​Beating Betrayal & Abandonment Masterclass ($297 Value)
  • ​Anxiety Melting Masterclass ($97 Value) 
  • ​5 Tools To Master Depression ($147 Value)
  • ​​The Secrets to Healing Toxic Shame ($197 Value)
  • ​​The Social Anxiety Solution ($97 Value)
  • BONUS! Hardbound Copy Of The Transfiguration Workbook.........($497 Value)
  • ​BONUS! Hardcopy Of 90 Day Physical Unbreakable Planner..........($47 Value)
  • ​BONUS! Felix The Unbreaka-Bear...............................................................Priceless :)
  • ​BONUS! In-Person, Full-Day Seminar with Kayleen............................($8K Value)
​BONUS! Hardbound Copy Of The Transfiguration Workbook ($497 Value)

​BONUS! Hardcopy Of 90 Day Physical Unbreakable Planner ($47 Value)

​BONUS! Felix The Unbreaka-Bear Priceless :)

​BONUS! In-Person, Full-Day Seminar with Kayleen ($8K Value)

Total Value: $9,496


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So, What's The Catch...?

Like I said in the beginning, I'm giving you this awesome gift as a bribe, to test drive our brand new Recovery Secrets Membership.

Why would I do this?

Well, there are actually a few reasons...

1. It's our way of saying thank you for being a dedicated customer over the years. We are grateful for you and wanted to do something TRULY special!

2. We wanted to celebrate the launch of our brand new PTSD Recovery Membership Program by giving you our VERY best recovery materials! There's no way we can do this forever, but right now you have a chance to lock in this HUGE discount FOREVER!

3. We get another one of our products in your hands, and when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited to buy other stuff from us in the future. The more I can help you now, the more likely you are to stay a part of our membership for life!

4. I'm kinda a show off... I'm not going to lie. I'm sick of people giving out horrible and harmful advice about recovery without any real proof to back it up. I think 99% of what is said online about healing is completely wrong... so I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to publish the TRUTH, show what actually helps real trauma survivors like you and me.

Why Time Is Of The Essence...

This is a limited offer, but even inside of that, there is REAL scarcity that you need to be aware of...

1st) I only printed 400 copies of the "Transfiguration Workbook" and "Unbreakable Planner" books. Yes, I can order more, but there is a 12-week lag time, so if this page is online now, then we have books in stock...

2nd) This is a special deal to launch our new PTSD Recovery Membership. Since launching this new membership only happens once so this "Free Recovery Package" offer will be removed VERY soon. If you don't lock in your membership NOW while this page is live... you'll NEVER be able to get this offer again.

3rd) This charter pricing (66% - 75% discount) AND the trial offer will not last forever. We are selling out memberships fast, and as soon as we hit our target number, we will be raising the prices back to full price. It's simple supply and demand and it's happening here in real time.

So NOW is the time to lock in your membership before it's too late!

"Do you have a guarantee?"

You Bet. Matter Of Fact, I Have THREE Guarantees For You

Guarantee #1 - 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

100% guarantee that you'll love this gift, or I'll return your shipping fees and let you keep the gift anyway.

That's right. You don't even have to send anything back. Just email the address on your receipt and I'll give you back your money with no question asked.

And if you decide at ANY time that you don't want to be a subscriber any more, you can cancel anytime, and keep the cool package of stuff we sent you!

Guarantee #2 - Unbreakable Support For Success

We guarantee support for success. We know the recovery journey can get lonely, with plenty of bumps and unforeseen turns...

That's why if you have any questions or hang-ups on how to use the tools, or need help with a specific trauma, you'll be able to reach our team of recovery coaches via email and receive a response within a 24-hour period. You also get access to our daily accountability calls and weekly open office hours, so you're never left alone without support!

You don't have to feel alone, or second-guess yourself. We truly care about your healing, and that's why we'll be there every step of the way.

Guarantee #3 - My Ridiculous and Downright "Kay-razy" 365-Day Guarantee

I'm not messing around here... ;)

Use us for a full 12 months. And if you STILL don't experience transformative results in your recovery with the strategies taught in our membership... and you've given my team and I the chance to personally help you... then I will still refund your initial investment.

How can I have such a powerful guarantee?

Because I know what I teach works.

These tools have helped transform my life and my family's life from a broken mess to an unbreakable success... and it's worked for tens of thousands of other people heal and find peace!

Imagine if you used just ONE tool from our massive toolbox... and you begin to see positive results in your life almost instantly.

How much would you pay for the ONE piece of advice? 

$1,000...? $2,000...?

Well, today, all you have to say is "maybe" and the gift is yours... for FREE!

Here's What To Do Next...

From here it's just finalizing the details and getting your gifts ready to be shipped out!

Click on the green button below right now, pick what subscription plan you want to be on, and we can finally get started!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I can't wait to get our new member welcome package into your hands!

Talk soon,
Kayleen Wright

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P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the page, here's the deal:

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Trauma Survivors From Around The World Speak Out:

If You're Still Here...

Then You Must Be Thinking,

"Will This REALLY Work For ME And My PTSD?"

Listen, we would hate it if we became just another book that gets dusty on the shelf... or saved somewhere on your desktop. No way.

What you'll be receiving today... PLUS what you'll be receiving each month... are rapid recovery principles you'll want to refer back to every time you face another challenge in your life... Relationship problems.... Anxiety... Depression... Losing a loved one... or simply want more motivation and inspiration for extraordinary results.

So, I want to make it crystal clear about who this is really for...
This is FOR YOU if you've experienced a trauma in your past, regardless of what trauma... and you want a full and FULFILlING life where you're calm, at peace, and striving for greatness is all areas of life. 

This NOT FOR YOU if you think this will be a magic pill that will instantly solve all your problems and don't want to put in any work to make these rapid recovery tools work.

This is also NOT for the habitual "sign-uppers"... the people who sign up for every course or membership under the sun, thinking that just by "having it" then they'll be successful...

This IS for the trauma survivor who is DONE playing around, ready to STOP making excuses, and ready TAKE responsibility for their healing. That's it, plain and simple.
With all this said... my question to you is this: can you really afford NOT to sign-up?

Because we all know, more is lost through "inaction"...

Do this for you, your future, and your family's future... hit the green button below right now and sign-up today before the initial free trial launch ends!

All You Have To Do Is Say, "MAYBE" And The Gift Is Yours... For FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Does The Free Trial Work?

A: Test-drive the Recovery Secrets Membership for a full 14 days without sending us a penny. No gimmicks. Then, if you agree this recovery program contains the best, most valuable recovery advice, and can't wait to implement everything taught, then we'll continue to serve you FRESH & NEW recovery content and coaching every month thereafter and bill you based on the plan you choose on the next page.

Q: When will I receive my free gift with my books?

A: When you sign up today for the Recovery Secrets free trial subscription, you will receive instant access to all of the free digital downloads on the order confirmation page. For the physical books, including the 400+ page 'Transfiguration Workbook', please allow 4 to 6 weeks for them to arrive.

Q: How frequent are the coaching and accountability sessions?

A: As soon as you sign up for the 14 day free trial you get access to DAILY accountability calls and weekly open office hour calls where you can get support and ask any question you'd like. You also get 24/7 access to our exclusive member's only recovery community where you can connect and get help from our coaching and other members.

Lastly, after completing our preliminary training, you unlock the ability to join one of our TUG's (Tiny Unbreakable Groups), which are 5-7 members who meet weekly over video chat to give support and accountability. So you have 5 levels of support, accountability, and coaching inside the membership that you get instant access to when you sign up today!

Q: Is All Of This Value Really FREE?! What's the catch?

A: Yes, it's true! When you say "maybe" today, you can secure up to $9,496 worth of our best rapid recovery advice... that once implemented can and will transform your life and recovery forever!

All we ask is that you cover the $29.95 for printing & shipping. Like I said earlier, you'll be receiving a "hefty" welcome package that includes my brand NEW "Transfiguration Workbook" which is a physical copy containing 400 LARGE pages, showing you real behind the scenes of what we've been teaching our highest level coaching clients. 

This isn't some silly collection of digital PDFs you can download... I love receiving packages and I prefer physical books over PDFs ALWAYS. Keep in mind, with the small, one-time $29.95 shipping fee you'll be able to unlock almost $10K in real, practical, and actionable recovery advice. Which makes the initial $29.95 printing & shipping fee seem insignificant.

All You Have To Do Is Say, "MAYBE" And The Gift Is Yours... For FREE!

Q: Who Is This For?

A: This is FOR YOU if you've experienced a trauma in your past, regardless of what trauma... and you want a full and FULFILlING life where you're calm, at peace, and striving for greatness is all areas of life.

This is for the trauma survivor who wants to take recovery into their own hands and stop being dependent on therapy and medications. So they can live a life free from their past once and for all.

Q: What If I'm Not Satisfied With My Subscription?

A: This is highly unlikely. Wait until you receive your initial welcome gift, and you'll see what I mean. With that said, if you don't find our recovery advice even the least bit useful... then you can cancel anytime and we'll part as friends :) So, if you are part of the small percentage of people that don't find us useful, then you can cancel and we won't hold it against you.

Q: Do You Have A Guarantee?

A: We don't have a guarantee... we have THREE! That's right. We are guaranteeing your order 3X so you can know for certainty this is the RIGHT move to make, today!

We guarantee a 30-day 100% refund, which means you can test drive us for a full 30 days risk free, and if you don't like us, then you can simply email me and we'll refund your money right away, and you can keep the free gifts on us. ;)

We guarantee your success! Once you're a member of Recovery Secrets, you'll have around-the-clock support from our team of coaches and community managers who are there to help answer recovery questions you may have and give you the best advice on how to implement our tools and strategies.

We also have a rare, "Kay-razy" 365-day guarantee... which says if you do not experience positive results using our strategies for a full calendar year, then I'll still refund your initial investment.

Q: How Much Does It Cost?

A: Today, you can secure up to $9,496 in crazy awesome trauma recovery tools, guides, and workbooks... completely free! We simply ask that you pay the one-time, small shipping & printing fee of $29.95. (My NEW book, 'The Transfiguration Workbook' is a 400 page behemoth where I reveal the recovery roadmap that has healed tens of thousands of people around the world. This is not a PDF and is not available anywhere else online.)

Then, after the initial 14-day test-run, if you love us and agree we're the offer the best recovery coaching for you to thrive... then we'll keep giving you recovery coaching and content every month, on top of the daily accountability, community, and other special member's only exclusives, and we'll bill you based on the membership you choose on the next page.

Q: Can I Just Find This Content Online?

A: Honestly, you'd be hard-pressed to find ANY of this deep dive, step by step, recovery content online. Most content online is surface level and purely educational... in this membership we get into the real nitty gritty, and give you specific step by step guides for every challenge you'll face in recovery perfectly organized for you to take immediate action on. 

Not only that, you also won't find another program that gives you this level of expertise, support, coaching, and community. It's the only place in the world to get this amount of support that's been proven to work on real trauma survivors.

And right now, you can reach in and secure almost $10K worth of premium, actionable recovery + healing information... for free. But we don't know how long this initial free trial will run. Once we reach our subscription cap, then that's it. So, don't wait! Start your free trial today.
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